Sanity-Saving Tips

Before diving into this month’s content, I just want to say, HAPPY PRIDE, EVERYONE!!! Here at Alchemy Virtual Assistance, we are celebrating the LGBTQ community all month long! How have you been celebrating while social distancing? Drop me a line and let me know 🙂

Whether you’re a therapist or a small business owner, chances are you spend the majority of your time supporting others. You invest a great deal of time and energy making sure you’re on top of your game, plugged in, engaged, present, and delivering your very best to your clients every day.

This can be challenging under normal circumstances. During a pandemic? Let’s be honest, some days are tough. We are perhaps not as emotionally resilient as we’d like to be. We may even feel physically drained at times. We are all juggling personal and professional responsibilities and our usual work-life balance may be a bit wonky.

I think we can all agree that the need for self-care has increased dramatically. And while you may feel you can’t afford to press pause on your business, or that you can’t step away to take some vacation time, there are some things you can do to reset and regroup.

Here’s a short list of business tools and lifestyle hacks to consider:

  • Take breaks throughout your day. Schedule them if you have to. Get up from your desk, stretch, go outside for a bit — even if just for 10 minutes.
  • (Bonus points) Do some guided meditation or breath work. Personally, I have an app called Insight Timer on my phone and my tablet for this purpose and I love it. Super convenient to use and there are many different types of meditations and talks to check out as well as a meditation timer if you prefer to do your own thing.
  • Do consider taking time off. As the engine and generator of your business, it’s so important to unplug from time to time to avoid burning out. Doing so will not only restore you physically and emotionally — but will absolutely reboot your creativity. So consider scheduling some vacation time — start with a long weekend, if you really feel like you can’t step away at the moment.
  • Check out Trello if you’re struggling to keep track of all your to-dos and business plans, from daily office needs to marketing strategy. Trello can be a life and sanity saver. It’s an easy to use web-based list making/project management app that will help you keep track of all. the. things.
  • Are your social media posts flagging? It’s hard to come up with creative, valuable content when you’re feeling stressed, scattered, or burnt out. If you regularly find yourself scrambling when it comes to social media content  — whether it’s time or creativity you’re lacking — consider using Hootsuite or BufferYou can’t go wrong with either of these, honestly. They’re easy to use and will help you tame your social media accounts! Log into these social media managers a couple times each month so that you can plan and schedule your content and ditch the angst!

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Human Design: Embrace Your Inner Wiring

embrace your inner wiring - a quote by Emilie Wapnick

“…we should all be designing lives and careers that are aligned with how we’re wired.”
Emilie Wapnick

I don’t know about you, but these quotes are landing hard right now. Can you relate?

From a young age, we’re taught that we have to choose one career path. Be one thing. Do one thing. Live a certain way. What if you have many interests, abilities, and passions?

After many years, I  have rediscovered  Emilie Wapnick’s TED talk  “Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling” and it’s absolutely thrilling — please watch it. On a personal note, it showed up when I most needed to be reminded that it’s perfectly fine to have and explore multiple passions, to buck the latest trends, AND (my favorite) whether you tend to specialize in one area or you’re a modern-day renaissance woman — it’s OK! There’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t lack focus. You are not indecisive. Some people are wired to focus on one thing and some are wired to explore their many passions. You do you.

Because ultimately, as Emilie says in her TED talk, “embracing our inner wiring leads to a happier, more authentic life.” Yes! Yes it does! Why do I love this so much? These concepts that she’s talking about are at the heart of what I love most about Human Design and why I dove into the deep end of studying it in the first place.

Embracing and following our Human Design leads to a more authentic, joyful life. Self-acceptance leads to a happier life. And Human Design is a powerful tool for self-acceptance, insight, and understanding yourself and others. Learning about how you’re wired to navigate the world helps you shuck off all the stuff society conditions us to believe about how we’re supposed to be.

You have unique strengths and abilities, my friend. There is a place for you in this world and you deserve success! And if you have been struggling and trying to follow someone else’s bliss instead of your own because you’re not quite sure what your thang is, please get in touch. Because you’re brilliant — exactly the way you are.

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