There are a variety of tools in my coaching toolkit. Our work together will feature a combination of intuitively selected elements — collaboratively chosen.

It is a process of discovery, exploration, and courageous experimentation.
It is never ordinary and there are no agendas.

Please be in touch about how I can best support you. My services in this area vary based upon your individual needs. Our time together can be brief or ongoing; it is your process.  It is an honor to do this work and I’m always very grateful to accompany you and facilitate growth and development.

The intention of my coaching practice is to serve the unique interests of Creatives. And you know what? We are *all* creative. We have all had the experience of being in the flow and tapping into something expansive and fulfilling.  This experience is not limited to artists or artistic expression. This is for anyone who feels they have lost their *spark*; for anyone who is longing to access a space within themselves that feels powerful and full of possibility.

Are you longing to reconnect to your source of inspiration? Please be in touch.

Sessions are conducted by phone, in person, and by video.

I invite and encourage you to contact me with any questions about how this work can be of benefit.


  • CONTENT MANAGEMENT – $20/hour; contact me for project-based rates
  • EDITING – $30-$40/hr
  • PROOFREADING – $20-$30/hr